You’ve slogged through the summer weekend traffic to make it to the Pacific Coast before, but have you considered the fact that the ocean (and the many other coastal activities) exist ALL YEAR LONG?

Surprise! It’s true!

We’ve got a list of our favorite weird, wonderful, and wacky events that you might want to make the trip out for this upcoming fall season. And, bonus! Less traffic, shorter lines at Safeway, and greater availability at the best hotels.

1. Kelper’s Parade & Shake Rat Rendevous

Pacific Beach, Washington

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The last hoorah of summer takes place on Labor Day Weekend at Pacific Beach and who wouldn’t want to participate in this unique parade. What does it take to join? We’re not even sure! Just put on a wig, hop in the back of your truck with some friends and drive slow.

2. Satsop Nuclear Towers

Elma, Washington

Home of the Nuclear Towers That Never Were, The Satsop Business Park now houses multiple business offices, but the massive towers still stand. Drive (or bike if you’re adventurous) to the top of the wooded hill and you’ll get an up close view of these unique structures. Bonus: You’ll also see the Great VW Graveyard, parking lots full of recalled VW vehicles stored here for some unknown future.

3. Logger’s Playday

Hoquiam, Washington

Put on that flannel shirt, here’s another way to celebrate all things plaid besides grunge music. Logger’s Playday is a day long festival in Hoquiam that starts with a pancake breakfast, where you can carbo load for a day of tree climbing, axe throwing, log rolling good fun. Ok, you’re actually going to be watching from the stands, but a flannel shirt will really make you feel like you’re part of the fun.

4. Ghost Forest

Copalis Beach, Washington

Photo by Henry Gallagher

A Ghost Forest… is it haunted? Probably not, but who knows?! You’ll need a kayak or boat for this one. Hop in the Copalis River and paddle upstream to view the unique Ghost Forest where you’ll find, not ghosts, but trees that were killed off in a tsunami many years ago. Remnants still stand, like bones of a forest… hence, the term ghost. Don’t have a kayak? Book a tour with Buck’s Bikes in Seabrook.

5. Sasquatch Summit

Ocean Shores, Washington

This event claims to be “one of the largest bigfoot conferences in the world,” with speakers, vendors and workshops… this is REAL, guys. We, for the record, have not gone on any bigfoot searches in the wild, but we are always keeping our eyes peeled. Hey, he’d probably show up to the event in his honor if he got an invite.