As a person who has attempted to sell some handmade goods at a craft bazaar or two, I have come to appreciate a good (and well attended) bevy of boothes full of locally made items.

There are many people who spend their weekends leading up to the holidays attempting to sling the products they created in the comfort of their home. They might be there because they’re trying to build a full-time business or they are just knitting fanatics and need to unload the piles of scarves filling every nook of their house.

Either way, I find it fun to slog through the general collection of average goods to find the top quality, painstakingly beautiful, original and unique items that are worth more than just a few bucks… because these people work hard to create, promote and sell these wares created with real love.

Here are my top finds from this year’s Country Christmas Bazaar at the Grays Harbor County Fairgrounds in Elma over this past weekend.

Raintree Weaving

For any of you who have ever walked through a craft fair just looking for ideas of things to DIY, I’d like to see you try this.

The collection of Raintree Weaving baskets are beautifully made! The heavy duty wooden base is surrounded by woven natural reed and finished with dark leather handles. The variety of patterns and basket styles is impressive.

If you still want to try DIY-ing something – how about you learn to knit and buy one of these baskets to store your new yarn collection?



Raintree Weaving
Aberdeen, WA

Spring Creek Cottage

Many crafters have gotten into the craze of vinyl cut signs. While I do enjoy a good inspirational quote or perfectly edged lettering, I also have a big appreciation for truly handmade art.

Spring Creek Cottage had a huge collection of items (most not pictured here) including hand painted signs, cute sculpted jewelry and these fun plush Mighty Monsters.


Spring Creek Cottage
Visit the Spring Creek Cottage etsy Shop

Nancy’s Nik Naks

Sometimes it seems like everyone is learning to knit and crochet these days, but when you see a truly beautiful patterned and perfected piece like this scarf, it deserves some attention.

Nancy’s Nik Naks has a great collection of handmade scarves, headbands and accessories. Also, some sparkly things and lots and lots of chevron.

Seahawks gear too (if you’re into that sort of thing).


Nancy’s Nik Naks
Visit the Nancy’s Nik Naks etsy Shop

Gingins Designs

This booth was one of my favorites, partially because the man running the booth informed me well about his wife’s upcycling habits.

Fabric Artist, Virginia Nelson makes well-crafted and simple purses, wallets and bags out of up cycled wool materials and genuine Pendleton fabrics. If you’re looking to add some authentic PNW cowboy style to your wardrobe, this might be the place.



Gingins Designs
Montesano, Wa