(Photo courtesy of Tinderbox Coffee Roasters)

The coffee culture in the Pacific Northwest is strong. It’s sort of like the “force” in Star Wars, giving energy to all who drink it. And like Darth Vader, we think that the darker it is the better. But if you like white coffee or lighter roasts, we have that too. Just because you have left Seattle, Olympia, or Portland doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your hand-crafted espresso. In fact, there’s one place in Grays Harbor that’s the truest celebration of coffee we have: Tinderbox Coffee Roasters in Westport.

This trendy looking building has about as many different ways to make coffee as you can come up with. Hand-crafted espresso drinks, french-press coffee, cold brew coffee, aeropress, pour-over, siphon coffee makers, etc. Not only that, they roast their own coffee beans and have it available for you to purchase during your visit.

Sit outside on a sunny day and experience the sea breeze. Or if it’s traditionally rainy and cold, hang out around the wood stove and snuggle up in on one of the couches. There is plenty of reading material lying about and maybe they’ll have a live music performance – they have lots of those going on throughout the year.

Whether you are a coffee snob or a novice drinker (it’s ok, no one will judge you), the Tinderbox is a great place to sample hand-crafted coffee and enjoy a creative, cozy atmosphere. Plus, you are minutes from the beach so after experiencing the cold and the wind, there’s no better place to crash afterward.