It’s a rarer occasion than I’d prefer, when I get to relax in a quiet space and get really good massage complete with oils, warm towels and soothing music. Thankfully, I recently had the chance to get such an experience at Spa Elizabeth.

Quaintly perched at the top of a townhouse in Seabrook, Washington, I found myself transported from the rainy outdoor weather to a serene space filled with lovely scents, sounds and sights. Out the windows, I could see the ocean waves hitting the coastline as I perused the collection of goodies for sale in the shops main entry space. From essential oils to candles, to scrubs and more. It was tough to pass anything over and got me in the mood for a relaxing afternoon of massage.

The top floor holds the rooms for massage therapy, so an even better view of the ocean! The calming green tones on the walls and furniture set the scene and I was quickly sent into a haze of lavender oils and ocean waves.

To complete the massage, I was treated to a glass of cool water, an orange slice and a piece of dark chocolate. Admittedly, it took me a few minutes to wake up.

Unlike other spas I have visited, Spa Elizabeth has a full bathroom connected to the massage room. This was a great perk, as I could hop in there afterward to redress and try to make myself presentable again, despite my smeared mascara.

I couldn’t escape on my way out without making a few small purchases of treats to take home as well.

Visit the Spa Elizabeth website for the full menu, seasonal specials and contact info to make your appointment, whether you are paying a visit to Seabrook soon or in the future.