On lazy Saturday mornings, I can’t think of anything better than walking the dog to the neighborhood coffee shop for a vanilla latte, wandering through the street vendors selling fresh veggies, fruits and handmade crafts and filling my “shop local” canvas tote bag with treats to take home.

Ok, this sounds like a scene from an American Express commercial… I don’t even have a dog… but it sound NICE right?

Well, if you’d like to have this experience in real life, you could hop in the car and head out to Seabrook (or better yet rent a cottage!) where the local storefronts are complimented by a variety of vendors lining the streets. Musicians play on the lawn, kids run their own make-shift lemonade stands, the beer flows in the beer garden and visitors and locals chat and wander in, possibly, the most relaxed and friendly environment in Grays Harbor.