Bicycling Grays Harbor isn’t just for fitness fanatics. Grays Harbor Public Health and Social Services has just launched a map to help even the novice pedalers find new routes to explore. This trail map introduces readers to not just the popular paths, but also the roads less travelled by all but the experienced bikers.

On portions of the map are enlarged images of Montesano, Aberdeen, and Quinault, as well as others, giving you hints and tips on how to have the smoothest ride possible. Looking to bike no more than 5 miles? You can now plan out new routes in advance, know what trails tend to be muddier than others, where the heavy traffic tends to be, and which roads are the most remote.

It’s advice, routes, and info from those who are out experiencing the roads and trails every week. Now instead of merely listening to their tales, you can visualize it and map out a route suitable to your skill level. The guide also covers great paths for riding along the coast and gives recommendations for bike rentals and proper tires.

You now have an insider’s perspective on the best roads and trails to get you where you want to go! Hit Lavogue’s Bike Shop in Hoquiam for a tune-up, grab a map at the desk, bust outside, and pedal! You can also find digital copies of the map here and here. Join the Facebook group and learn about monthly meetups and other biking events.