Happy New Year friends! We hope you’re ready to celebrate either at home or at your favorite local hang out.

We asked Josh Mayr from Wishkah River Distillery to give us his top cocktail recipes for a celebration. All of the ingredients can be found here and are simple and easy to put together! Stay safe and have fun.

The Finnish 83

Finnish 83

A Pacific Northwest take on the traditional French 75.

In cocktail shaker with ice, combine 3oz sweet and sour (make your own! 1 part lemon juice, 1 part lime juice, 1 part simple syrup), 1.5oz Wishkah River Distillery Bulfinch 83 Gin and shake vigorously. Strain into a tumbler glass. Top off with champagne.

Wishkah River Quarter Horse

Wishkah River Quarter Horse

The Moscow Mule has grown in popularity recently and typically is served up in a copper mug. This is the Grays Harbor version, which we decided to put in a mason jar… because we’re not trying to be fancy.

The name pays homage to Josh Mayr’s grandfather, Werner Mayr, who began his logging operation in 1933 using just two quarter horses to pull out unwanted trees from the forest and into the mill towns.

Muddle or squeeze half a lime in the bottom of the glass. Roll mint sprig in your hand and drop in bottom of the glass with the lime. Cover with ice. Add 1.5oz of Wishkah River Distillery’s Vodka Distilled from Honey and top off with ginger beer.

Red Snapper Revolution

Red Snapper Revolution

You may have seen this local version of the Bloody Mary around various drinking establishments. We recommend you keep these ingredients handy for your hangover tomorrow.

Fill glass with ice (we’re using the custom Bulfinch 83 Gin Bottle available at the tasting room). Add 1.5oz to 3oz of Bulfinch 83 Gin. Top off with tomato juice and spices or bloody mary mix. Garnish to your heart’s desire.