IMG_1130One of my favorite places to go to have fun is downtown Olympia. If you are going to be stopping in for a few hours, here is a mini-bucket list.

Go get cold brew coffee on nitrogen from Olympia Coffee Roasting Co. Now. 
This smooth coffee on tap has a texture and foam like beer. BUT IT’S COFFEE. Way better than regular iced coffee, the way it’s brewed takes the “bite” and bitterness out of it. I never drink black coffee or straight espresso, but I can drink this cold brew without cream or sugar. It is super refreshing on a warm day.

108 Cherry Street NE

Go to the Painted Plate.
This ceramic’s shop is one of the cutest places around. Choose from one of the many ceramic options, or go with the “date night” option for $40. You’ll get two ceramics and two coffees to choose from. Or you could substitute wine for coffee for a few dollars more. Or ice cream. They offer several different snack platters to keep your inspiration fueled while you paint for two hours. It is one of the most relaxing things you IMG_1139will ever do. But only do this if you know you’ll be back in town within thirty days. Once your ceramic masterpiece has been fired, you’ll have to go pick it up.

412 Washington St SE


Eat at Our Table.
Whether you get fish tacos or stromboli (the latter being my personal favorite), just make sure to order onion rings with the herb aioli. The food is fresh, local, and sometimes foraged. The dining room is open Thursday-Sunday and serves breakfast. The walk up window on the sidewalk and in the Eastside Club Tavern next door are open noon until midnight seven days a week. The atmosphere is nothing fancy, but the food will melt in your mouth.

406 4th Ave E

Sip Cocktails at Dillingers.
This classy place specializes in signature cocktails from the prohibition era. They have a very small dinner menu and focus more on desserts and appetizers when it comes to food. But they sure do know how to make a drink and the historical atmosphere is one of its kind. Check out their menu and get a feel for the place before you head over.

404 S Washington St