Kayaking in Grays Harbor is a unique sport for a number of reasons.

1. Everybody seems to own a kayak and yet I never see anyone else out on the water.

2. The tides, man.

3. There aren’t many guides or experts in the area to help newbies.

Well, I’m no pro, but I do have a few suggestions on places to go kayaking. First up on my list is Friend’s Landing.

Friend’s Landing has multiple areas for outdoor fun. They have a campground with RV hookups, playgrounds, trails, docks, and more! It’s a short jaunt off the highway near Montesano, through some fields and farmland, to this hidden park.

Once you enter the gates, you’ll see a gravel parking lot on the right and the river on the left. On the other side of that parking lot is Lake Quigg, where we went kayaking. It’s incredibly easy parking, there’s a “rustic” boat launch, and a pretty nice dock for loading in or lounging on.


You could also head over to the river’s boat launch and dock if you’re feeling like more of a challenge.

Lake Quigg is a fun place to kayak with friends without paddling against a forceful tide. It’s fairly small and surrounded by high brush, so the wind isn’t too bad most days and you’ll still be able to catch a fair amount of sun (because it tends to be less rainy over there in East County).


My recommendation: Bring some snacks and drinks and paddle out to the middle of the lake for an afternoon hang out.
Exertion Level: Low
Ease of access: Medium