The frosty weather over our recent Thanksgiving weekend was begging for it… a tree hunt! The cool, crisp air was frigid, but sunny enough to warm your face when you could get out of the shadows.

We headed out early on Saturday morning, bundled up in our boots and multiple layers of sweaters, with a hot cocoa in hand to find the perfect tree to fill the Christmas sized hole in our hearts/home.

Undecided on where we would finally stop, we headed east from Aberdeen toward Montesano. As we neared the crest of the hill, the last few turns in what is technically Aberdeen’s Central Park, we saw the sign for Hockett’s Tree Farm.

We could have gone further, but this was so easy.

Pulling in, there were only a few other trucks parked in the small “parking lot” and some families were out inspecting trees.

At first, the trees seemed small, but the layout and the symmetry of it all was inspiring. The road was lined with wooden signs labeling each type of tree. The small hut in the center offered a pile of free tree bows on the left and a fence made of pre-cut trees on the right.

We headed straight for the noble firs. Our ceilings are not too tall, so the majority of the trees were actually the right height, somewhere close to 7.5 feet. We looked over to the very tall trees in the distance, considering how amazing it would be to have something like that… and also how amazing it would be to have a house with ceilings to fit it.

The tree we settled on was just right, and had a few spots that had been trimmed along the side to further perfect its shapeliness.

Now, unlike my childhood memories, this process was quick and painless. We waved over the two men who were working at the tree farm. They rushed over with their chainsaw, cut it down, carried it off to the car and tied it up on top of the roof of our SUV.

Gave me plenty of time to shoot a lot of photos.

We payed on the way out. We had purchased the top of the line Noble Fir, $40. Not a bad price considering the speed and service.