1. Visit the Pumpkin Patch

What could signify fall more than a visit to a pumpkin patch?! Check out one of our local spots in East County.

2. Watch a Football Game

Whether it’s a high school game to cheer on your kids or hanging out at a local watering hole to watch the Seahawks (or your other favorite team… we don’t judge), nothing says fall like football!

3. Get some New Boots

Like me, you may be a big fan of sandals, but as the weather cools down and the ground grows damp, those open toed flats aren’t going to cut it. Go practical and grab some all-weather boots, or fashionable with a leather wedge, or cute with a fun printed rainboot.

4. Decorate for Fall

Don’t miss the chance to dress up that front step with your pumpkin of choice, a wreath and maybe some spooky spiderwebs for Halloween.

5. Make your Halloween Costume

Get crafty and find a creative way to celebrate the Halloween holiday in costume! Lacking ideas? Pinterest never fails.

6. Go Trick or Treating

You might think you should skip this one if you’re an adult, but why not take your kids, your friends’ kids, or just wander around and enjoy the night out? Kids in costume are so cute and worthy of an adventurous walk through the neighborhood.

7. Wear Some Flannel

Maybe you wear it all year, in tribute to your favorite local grunge icon. But most of us probably just break out those flannel duds in the fall.

8. Make Cider

While there aren’t any public apple orchards (that we’ve discovered yet, anyway) to wander through, there are tons of backyard apple trees we see dripping with delicious apples this time of year. Figure out a way to grab some and make your own apple cider.

9. Host a Cool (literally) Beach Bonfire

Pack in the blankets, wool socks and s’more making materials and build a bonfire on the beach! Who says the beach is only good in the summer?

10. Knit Something

It’s the season of knitwear! If you don’t have the skills, learn… or just head to the Fiber Festival at the Elma Fairgrounds and pick up something locally made.

11. Go for a Drive in East County

The scenery is endless in east county. Go for a drive through the winding roads of east county to check out the farms and the changing colors on the trees.

12. Attend the Cranberry Festival

Red! Everywhere! The cranberry bogs turn the land a beautiful shade of red this season. Pair it up with a visit to the Grayland Hall (also red) for the Cranberry Festival where you’ll find baked treats, gifts and more.

13. Host a “Stock Exchange”

Pull out the crock pot and make a big batch of soup! Then, instead of forcing your family to eat the same thing for days, distribute it into a few jars and trade with friends. It’s a great way to get a variety of soups without all the work.

14. Eat a Meal with Friends

Speaking of friends, invite some over and share a meal! It’s the season of food, treats, and giving thanks… so why not do all of these things with your friends too?

15. Update your Family Photos

You’ve got your new boots, your flannel and a new knit hat now… show it off with some professional family photos for a yearly keepsake or your upcoming holiday greeting cards.

16. Eat Local!

Grays Harbor is full of local food that should not be missed this season. Check out our list of favorites here.

17. Mull Some Wine

If your crock pot isn’t getting much use for food, fill it with wine! Add some fall spices and you’ll be rosy-cheeked in no time.

18. Get Cozy

Whether it’s raining or sunny, it’s definitely getting chilly out there, so stay cozy with a stack of new blankets, a roaring fire and a hot drink (mulled wine, cider or whatever you fancy).

19. Pick Mushrooms

You’ll need that cozy set up ready after an afternoon of picking mushrooms! The fall rain makes for ideal mushroom picking – just make sure you know your stuff before you wander into the woods and start eating random mushrooms.

20. Watch a Sunset

The fall air makes for some beautiful sunsets! Find a nice vista and a loved one to cuddle up to for warmth as you watch the sun drift below the horizon as the sky turns bright orange and red.