It’s not every day that you meet a furniture designer, let alone one who uses unique materials like cement to build these modern and very sturdy marvels of home accessories.

Owner, Kelly Niemi, created this business out of his garage as a side project while also playing the important role of a local firefighter.

His works are massive and beautiful, from fully functioning fireplace tables to bathroom counters and sinks to custom pieces for the booming collection of Seabrook homes.

I first learned about his work when I spotted a concrete and wood bench up for auction at the annual Fireman’s Ball. It was a random occurrence that I would have even attended this event (a new friend gifted us tickets) and I don’t typically find myself throwing my hand in the air at auctions, but this BENCH. I had to have it.

My previous work at a Interior Design company in Portland, Oregon gave me some knowledge of the value. And my knowledge of the local taste in furniture gave me a clue that I’d probably get a good deal (no offense folks, I just don’t see much modern design locally).

We bid and won quickly! I literally spent the rest of the evening telling everyone that I bought that bench and/or just casually sitting on it during the event. Kelly introduced himself to us and agreed to help us move it to our office… because it is heavy. Really heavy.

Kelly also makes smaller pieces like modern flower pots, and he gifted one to us full of succulents.

While his pieces aren’t on display in stores, you may find his work in a Pacific Northwest Home or vacation rental at Seabrook. Check out his website for more information on how to get a special design for yourself!