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What is it?
Glad you asked! We think where we live is pretty amazing, with many hidden gems for tourist and locals alike to discover. We explore these hidden gems regularly, collecting photos and stories for our website and social media. We are continuously updating this comprehensive and quirky online directory of the many unique locations in Grays Harbor. Semi-annually, we handpick the best places to go for the season and make a print version – it’s the cutest pocket-sized guide you’ve ever seen! We place these guides in coffee shops, restaurants and other places tourist and explorers are likely to stop, hopefully driving traffic to some of our favorite locations.

Why advertise?
Wouldn’t you like to be the first stop for a tourist? A weekly hangout for a local? So many times, people don’t notice local businesses until someone points it out to them. Advertising with us promotes your business by sticking your ad in one of the first lines of sight in our Hip Pocket Guide and/or on our website. There is great potential for fresh attention to your business by new customers. All because they saw this adorable little guide as they were passing through.

Is it really that cool?
Yep. There is a collective effort in Grays Harbor right now to promote local businesses and attract visitors. We are a part of that collective effort and our product is functional, easy to use, and refers back to a fabulous online resource. We keep our website updated with new ways to explore Grays Harbor from one end to the next. Our audience can only broaden from here and we have plans to spread this across the Harbor and out into cities like Olympia, Long Beach and Astoria.

How much?
We’ve got a few options up our sleeves:

$50: Put your ad on our website for one month. The website is advertised in the print version and the website and print map have a symbiotic relationship. They need each other! So you’ll be sure to get some good visibility.

$150: A business card-sized ad and/or location listing in our quarterly print edition. This means, 6 months of advertising! Simple. Our next edition will be printed in March 2018 for the Spring/Summer.

$500: Sponsor a video. We create fun, dynamic videos destined for major sharing on social media outlets! Your logo will appear at the beginning and end of the video you sponsor and be hosted on our Youtube channel, posted to the website as well as Facebook for endless sharing possibilities. The video will complement your business, though it is at our creative discretion to create the story. For instance, if you’re a retail shop, we might include your business on a tour of your neighborhood!

Ready to get started? Fill out our online form! Click Here.


You get a custom ad design from our graphic designers over at alder|creative to keep and use for other advertisements. Your ad will appear for one week on the home page and in our weekly post of “Things to do this Weekend.” We will also share a post about your business on our Facebook page.


Our audience includes both readers and content creators. We invite anyone to submit their BEST DAY EVER articles and incentivize their interest in sharing with their own social circles, widening the audience regularly.

We promote out work to locals as well as PNW travelers. Likely, web-savvy people on the hunt for something interesting and unique to do, go, and generally spend their money on.
Our readers are avid hikers, explorers and travelers from all over the world. General good-looking folks with great taste and interest in the outdoors, especially the Pacific Northwest.

Estimated monthly web page views: TBD

Social media channel connections: ~1,000.


You send us a blog post or article you’d like our readers to see including featured image. The article will be clearly labeled as sponsored content. (We can help you with that. Just let us know).

Add a link to your website/special offer/product you’d like promoted.

Keep it short and encourage people to click through to your site.

At the end of the week we will thank you for sponsoring on our social media feeds and link prominently to your site.

We’ll keep a permanent listing of your sponsorship on ‘The Li’l Hip Pocket Guide’.
Because you are awesome.